Prices vary depending on the type and amount of sessions you require.

There are two ways to approach this type of yoga coaching: by booking single or blocks of appointments or choosing a fixed period of time over which to work.

Which is right for me?

Booking blocks of appointments give us structured time together in the container of a traditional appointment. You can regularly schedule these as and when you need them. Single appointments can also be conducted online, bringing the cost down considerably.

Booking a fixed period of time means we have greater flexiblity over what kind of sessions we can have, that are not limited to but may include:

  • appointments
  • mini retreats
  • related/appropriate activities
  • dedicated remote support



Range:  £40-£150

Time periods

3 months £3500

6 months £6000

12 months £10 000

Ready to dive in?

If you're ready to take the plunge, or just want to find out more about the sessions or prices, get in touch