We recommend weekly sessions but the length and frequency can be tailored to your needs in a bespoke package


Meet others working through their own "morphology" and enjoy an uplifting co-creative healing experience


Available on request for private individuals or small groups, take the leap and grow in a setting outside the norm in the UK or abroad

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What to expect

A standard one-to-one package is ten sessions.

Sessions 1-3: Getting to know you

In our preliminary sessions we will practice together and engage in forms of creative expression. It's about getting comfortable with one another.

Sessions 4-6: The work begins

We will begin to identify key areas of discomfort and key areas of joy and work with these together, calling on the wisdom of ancient and modern practices alike to fully embody and start to acknowledge our deepest selves.

Sessions 7-9: The agony and ecstasy

It can take a long time to get used to things. Now the work truly begins. Expect to be guided as needed but encouraged in your own autonomy as we can now see a map of behavioural patterns. This will culminate in the beginnings of acceptance.

Session 10: Follow up

An important session - to debrief, go over any additional needs that haven't been fully met (ready for when you wish to delve deeper) and to celebrate successes.

Online support

You will be entitled to six months online support comprising of two teleconferences; weekly replies to email; and the option of an additional "follow up" at a discount when purchased before the end of your package.