People see progression as a linear development. Skillsets learned and built upon will continue to grow and develop over time; experience is valued and prized highly – in all skilled practices.

There is huge merit in a stable and long-standing practice, however, Morphology also recognises the importance of natural ability and the urgency for those who exhibit this.

Sesnsitivity, empathy and awakening symptoms are not exclusive to those with a long-standing spiritual practice – in fact my own observation has found that practices such as yoga or meditation are, more often than not, stabilisers in awakening rather than themselves catalysts.

But this is not a universally shared view.

Progression, in terms of emotional stability in the naturally sensitive is usually anything but linear. Some like to see it as a spiral going up or down, but that isn’t always the case. Progression can feel frustratingly random, stagnation is an important (yet often overlooked) part of this too and sliding back into old habits and situations that, might on the surface seem unhelpful, is common.

There’s no such thing as turning over a new leaf.

The ability to be authentic, to select your own path, to develop and harmoniously integrate – that’s real progress.

This is the process that Morphology encourages – a supportive offering to learn and enhance skills that lead to personal autonomy and agency.

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