meditation & (self) medication

The practice of meditation comes with a price. I used to laugh at people who said they were teatotal – in fact the idea was so abhorrent for me that I actually sneaked alcohol into my cousin’s dry wedding.

But why is substance-free or light essential during meditation?

The process of Morphology is to feel deeply and the additives we include in daily life are counter to this. Alcohol and drugs numb us to what’s really present and take us out of our experience. Even things like caffeine or excessive sugar consumption drastically change the brain chemistry and how it works.

It might seem unfortunate, but to commit to this process and, if you take on a longer term package (including the follow up period) you are committing to reducing the blocks in your capacity to feel.


This sort of work is not compatible with heavy psychiatric medication, but can offer an avenue into an alternative for those who feel it isn’t working for them anyway.

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