Weaving retail management experience with self-study and resilience building

There’s no doubt social selling is successful. In fact, the reason people go back to the same shops time and time again physically is the customer experience, far more than the products themselves.

Unfortunately, there’s a big problem with this – if you have one bad or stressed out manager, the whole team suffers. It is possible to send managers for in-house training but the bottom line in a retail environment is hitting KPIs.

Getting outside help

Jaz worked in direct marketing and social selling jobs for years before her dive into holistic health and yoga, and has put her finger on the biggest mistakes she made as a manager.

Pass the parcel

During times of plenty, managers were happy to celebrate successes, but when times were tough and there just weren’t the customers walking through the door to capture, she began to lose motivation and started to pass this feeling on to her team.

And this happened twice.

We can pretend it doesn’t happen, but not everyone employed as a team leader or manager should be in that role. And many can’t in the long term without massive support. But, are you going to audit an entire industry for a problem that is systemic? No! Finances go up and down, we have periods of abundance and austerity. There’s no flat line.

The trick is belief.

Team leader training with a difference

Using the tools within Morphology, Jaz has beaten the rat race mindset. Because yoga teaching is also a social selling game.

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