Your study,

your story

morphology n.

The study of form

This process goes as deeply as you do. The more honest you are prepared to be with yourself, the faster you will see results.

The Story

Morphology initially began as a creative yoga workshop in Ubud, Bali. It was dismissed by some as unstructured and strange but utilising freedom of expression became one of the key components and sparked an idea that grew into a wholly formed process.

The idea of “ecstatic states coaching” is the result of the mythic heroes journey, and is a flexible and intuitive way for self-discovery, self-acceptance and self love.


While it’s categorised under ‘”coaching” to give a vague idea for everyone, that’s not technically accurate. Morphology means “the study of form” and refers to the niyama of “self study”, one of the precepts and tenets of the Ashtanga yoga system as devised by Patanjali.

Morphology is guided by ancient wisdom, vast and rich life experience, modern training and understanding as well as the flexibility to creatively approach this study of self.

Simply “coaching” does not cover it. This is guided self-study that should lead you to a space of more confidence, sureity and inner-truth.

an expression of love

Integrating movement, guided intuitive self-discovery and (now) manageable ecstatic states has been the life’s work of creator, Jaz, since around 10 years old.

This has given her 20 years of field research, in different therapeutic and real life coping mechanisms from a multitude of perspectives, including yoga (Buddhist, Hindu, modern), shamanism, Wicca, psychology, psychiatry, Reiki, quantum physics and many more.